“A remote onboarding experience far exceeding anyone’s expectations” is what I’d like to say, and please allow me to elaborate…

Nearing the end of my university studies I was tasked with a graduation internship, only to basically do everything remotely due to the onset of the pandemic. With both the university and the graduation company being woefully unprepared for this, it resulted in a half year struggle to cross the finish line.

While I did manage to graduate, confidence was at an all-time low. Transitioning from university into a professional environment can already be a daunting experience, especially considering my most recent reference point. That said, one day I was introduced to the Young Professional Program by a recruiter of what was then still known as Altran. The company seemed like a good place to grow, and so I decided to give it a shot.

Going completely against my expectations, not only was I warmly welcomed into the company through the Young Professional Program, I was also very well prepared for my first assignment. On paper, having to be onboarded both during a merge with Capgemini and a pandemic that prevented onsite working sounds like a recipe for disaster. What I received in reality, however, was a whole bunch of trainings ranging from coding skills to personal development, and a company that really invested in the wellbeing of their employees at home. As a way of saying “I care” from Capgemini Engineering, I was regularly met with invitations to fun activities to get to know your colleagues better, giftboxes, even my supervisor scheduled extra appointments to help compensate with the lack of contact!

As of writing this I am still working for the first project I was assigned to: Quadra. Even though I have yet to meet my team members in real life, I do really feel like I am part of the team as they have helped me regain my confidence and grow more in the past year than I feel like I did in my entire study period.

Tristan van Vegchel

Young Professional – Software Engineer