Standing at the end of a university education and transitioning into the world of engineering can be a challenging step by itself. Next to it, finding a company that will enable you to continue your professional development and allow you to further educate yourself in topics of your interest, while still allowing you broaden your knowledge, is the first step we all had to make at the beginning of our careers. I have joined Capgemini Engineering as a recent mechanical engineering graduate with that thought in mind.

Next to being welcomed into the company by people who have put real effort into making sure that my competencies, as well as my personality, fits the company I was positively surprised with the amount of opportunities that came with this position. Extensive trainings and further education, both in technical and soft skills, were already a given. But the real support that Capgemini Engineering gives its employees is visible in personal support they give every employee, that being in helping them make advancements in their careers or, in my case, also helping them settle in a new country by encouraging language learning and creating an open and friendly environment within the organization, even in this challenging COVID period.

But what I probably appreciate most are people that make Capgemini Engineering. The people who take their time to share their knowledge and are always there to provide support in one task or another. They are ones who make being a part of this organization a real pleasure and make Capgemini Engineering a right place for every young mechanical engineer to kick start their careers and make great connections!


Tajana Puljic

Young Professional -  Mechanical Design Engineer