I always had a thing for the automating of processes. If it was not for my home where everything is connected and controlled via Node-RED, then it would be for the streamlining of building software. When I joined Capgemini Engineering, I joined as a Software Engineer. Currently I find myself to be transforming into a DevOps Engineer.

For me, Capgemini Engineering is the place where I am able to get the most out of myself. I have highly motivated colleagues, next to a very flexible carrier path. Currently I am working on a project where we are building a scalable cloud environment within AWS. The project setup is so flexible that it allows us to respond to the latest trends within a short timeframe. Here, there is lots to learn from colleagues as well from events such as AWS Summits, Containers Today and City Tours we visit.

I find it to be important that a company stimulates you, thinks with you and allow you to steer your own career. And last but not least, organize lots of activities/drinks with colleagues.