''Ever since I can remember, robots and computers were always on my mind and as a result, my studies and my career are too! Capgemini Engineering made it possible for me to explore loads of aspects of embedded engineering, from the world of microcontrollers to working on hightech projects involving transmission electron microscopy. I even got invited to Embedded World 2019!

Taking a peek under Capgemini Engineering’s hood will let you see that working with microcontrollers like ESP32 and Nordic Thingy:52, visiting different companies that are waiting for someone like you and helping Capgemini Engineering and yourself make progress every day is nothing new and it is something that I enjoy very much.

I believe that creativity, innovation and constant education are key in Information Technology, and I found that these three things are well embedded in Capgemini Engineering’s core. If you keep an open mind, work hard and be creative, along with a little help from Capgemini Engineering Academy to learn new skills and explore your possibilities, you can play a big role in the future of technology. Therefore Capgemini Engineering is my company of choice.''