During my education and the start of my career as UI/UX Designer I was always interested in anything digital – ranging from big data to everything code-related. During this time I realized I loved to become a Front-end Developer. After a period of self-education I had the opportunity to work for Capgemini Engineering.

At the end of my first day I already knew this was a great fit. All colleagues work with passion and are eager to learn and help each other out where needed. In the period we were looking for my first assignment I worked on the in company learning platform – Capgemini Engineering Academy. Thanks to great guidance I was not only able to improve the website, but also my own skillset.

Currently I am working on a project for one of our clients, where we are building a monitoring application using Angular and SCSS. Because of my preference working with this framework I have the opportunity to achieve my personal goals. And thanks to the many company activities I can keep doing this in the time to come


Jurrit van der Ploeg