‘’Being a Mechanical Design Engineer at Capgemini Engineering, I have the opportunity of working within different industries and to continuously improve my skills and expand my domains of expertise. I started a nice project at Capgemini Engineering, being involved in mechanical design of tools and devices for the LED industry. This was  a completely new industry for me and I took the challenge as a  very good opportunity to learn new skills. Since I have a strong passion for cars and generally for the automotive industry, I was happy to also join a team that offers support for releasing the prototype of the electric truck. In the same time I was still dealing with the LED project, switching from one project to the other depending on each team’s need of support.

Working at Capgemini Engineering offers a nice international environment. I have the chance of meeting people from different countries around the world and make new friends, as well as the opportunity of working for different customers. For me all these aspects together contribute to a proper career and personal development!’’