Tech Tuesday // web edition - Spring Boot VS Eclipse MicroProfile

  • Software Development
  • Webinar
  • 23/mrt/2021

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Sometimes we face the question which framework/platform to choose when we start a new Java enterprise microservices project. Is Spring Boot the right track, or is Eclipse MicroProfile? The goal of this Tech Tuesday is to have a better understanding of the difference between Spring Boot and Eclipse MicroProfile, enabling the participants to make an informed choice between these two frameworks. During this Tech Tuesday webinar, Ahmed Bannany will highlight the differences between Spring Boot and the Eclipse MicroProfile including a demo and a questions & answers session.

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16.30-16.35 hr: Welcome
16.35-17.20 hr: Spring Boot VS Eclipse MicroProfile presentation
17.20-17.30 hr: Q&As
17.30-17.35 hr: Disclosure

About Ahmed Bannany: Ahmed Bannany is an Architect and senior Java developer with more than 10 years experience in Java. As a core member of the Java Technology group, he likes to share his knowledge by a.o. training colleagues for the Java OCA and OCP certification exams.

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Aanmelden voor dit event is niet meer mogelijk