Tech Tuesday // 18.01.2022 // Validation and Verification of Autonomous Driving Systems

  • Automotive Engineering, Hardware Engineering
  • Webinar
  • 18/jan/2022

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January 18th - 16.30 - 17.30hr
Lucas Raemakers and Jeroen van der Werf

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Validation & Verification (V&V) of autonomous driving (AD) systems is one of the hardest challenges faced by automotive players today, due to the infinite amount of possible scenarios that can occur during operation. To accomplish this task and with that achieve trust in an AD system, a systematic approach is needed.

Capgemini Engineering offers an end-to-end approach for V&V of AD systems, ranging from data collection and simulation to homologation support. This approach can be utilized by clients to accelerate their software development process.

During this webinar, Jeroen van der Werf will give some insights on the approach of Capgemini Engineering to solve the V&V problem of AD systems. Afterwards, Lucas Raemakers will give a concrete example showcasing a Hardware-in-the-Loop test setup that is used to validate an Automated Valet Parking system using Autoware.Auto and the simulation tool Prescan.

About Jeroen van der Werf: Has 15+ years of experience in smart mobility and leads the expertise center smart mobility within Capgemini Engineering. Jeroen van der Werf has expertise in development, integration, V&V of connectivity V2X, 5G, and ADAS for vehicle, roadside equipment and infrastructure.

About Lucas Raemakers: Lucas Raemakers is an automotive Software Engineer who works on projects related to autonomous driving, V2X and Hardware-in-the-loop testing. He is passionate about solving complex problems and developing/testing algorithms. Lucas has expertise with Prescan, dSPACE, MATLAB/Simulink, Control Systems and ROS.


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