Tech Talk // 27.01.2022 // Quick Tech Testing in the modem and WiFi domain

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  • 27/jan/2022

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January 27th - 16.30 - 17.30hr
Tom van de Ven & Stan Vugs

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Testing with domain knowledge is a sure way of covering all the functionalities, strange corner cases and using experiences from the past. It is not so robust against quick changing environments and increased volume of releases. Young professionals test engineers do not have the domain knowledge that you build up when developing, but they do have a solid knowledge of test craftsmanship and are very agile to dive into new domains. They come with a lot of new insights, you might miss when working for a long period on one topic.

We combined the knowledge of these two situations in our Quick Tech Testing solution which we successfully applied in the modem and wifi domain of KPN: a team with test craftsmanship that is very eager to learn. A team like this needs to deliver solid documentation, a structured way of working and high spirits. In doing so they deliver predictability of work, a good basis for transferring work and creative improvements that speed up work.

In this webinar we will present:

  • The activities of young professional test engineers in their first assignments
  • How a team of young professionals and a coach operate in a Quick Tech Testing assignment
  • The achievements in a client case (KPN) of such team after one year in the assignment.

Introduction Tom van de Ven:
Tom leads the competence High Tech test engineering within Capgemini Engineering. His is principal solution manager and delivers the full portfolio and responsible for innovation and knowledge sharing. As an author of the books “Testing in the digital age; AI makes the difference” and “Testing in an IoT environment” he is an expert in the field of test engineering and innovation.

Introduction Stan Vugs:
Stan is a technical test engineer for Capgemini Engineering and now working for KPN. As one of the young professionals he started in this Quick Tech Testing assignment a year ago. He is also active in the Wi-Fi research department of KPN and looking into the benefits of Wi-Fi 6E.

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